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Our Services


Paperwork Assistance and Organization

We will help fill out any application, rebate, or renewal, such as: LIHEAP, Auto Registration, Property Tax Rebate, PACE or PACENET, Insurance, Medical Assistance/Services, Housing, Disability, Retirement Funds, Social Security, SSI, etc.

We will help Organize, Prioritize, and Consolidate your paperwork to help reduce the stress of dealing with piles of statements and forms.

Phone Call Advocacy and Scam/Fraud Investigation

We will assist your loved one with everyday financial concerns like billing issues with utilities, health care providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, banks, etc.  We will call anyone with you and your loved one or on your behalf to dispute bills.

Access to our Business Network

We partner with businesses (handyman services, electricians, plumbers, housecleaners, errand runners, landscapers, etc.) to offer products and services.  We will act as a liaison between your loved one and the company to ensure quality service and fair prices.  We never provide your loved one's contact information to anyone unless you tell us to do so.

Home and Care Facility Visits

We will come to your loved one's home or Care Facility to provide our services.  We will also review the Care Facility statements and bills to ensure that no one is taking advantage of your loved one.  After every visit, we will provide you with a report of the services provided and our observations of your family member and his/her environment.

Telephone Reassurance Program

Our auto-call system checks in on your loved one daily to help ensure their well-being.  If multiple calls are missed, our system notifies us so that we can contact your loved one's family.

Family Planning Packet and Quarterly Newsletter

We provide all of our subscribers with a Family Planning Packet so that you and your family can discuss and plan your medical care and financial decisions together.

Our exclusive Quarterly Newsletter includes information tailored specifically for older adults and provides schedules of local events of interest.

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